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The freus utilizes a unique, but proven approach to refrigerated air conditioning condensers. The patented system uses water to cool and condense the refrigerant, enabling the freus to provide more consistent, quieter cooling performance, often at only half the energy costs ofconventional “air-cooled” condensing units.

Condensing temperatures achieved by the freus can be over 20 degrees cooler than conventional equipment, reducing compressor power usage, and extending the life of mechanical components within the freus. The freus uses reliable, time-tested Copeland Scroll compressors and a simple, durable design to provide unsurpassed efficiency and long life. The freus can be used in conjunction with most major manufacturers’ air handling equipment, in retrofit or in new construction

freus air conditionerThe Freus is not only very energy efficient, it also is designed to last longer than standard air conditioners. The cabinet of the Freus is all fiberglass, and the condensing coils are constantly washed with water, protecting the unit from salt air corrosion that degrades standard equipment.

The Freus uses the industry’s most reliable, Copeland scroll compressor, which operates at lower temperatures and pressures due to the lower condensing temperatures achieved by the water – this means longer compressor life. In addition, the Freus contains no electronic circuitry to fail, unlike high efficiency air-cooled equipment. The Freus is also reasonably priced, making it a very attractive upgrade option with a short payback period for home and business owners.

How Much Can You Save by Switching to a Freus?
The World’s Most Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

(Note: EER testing is don at 95 degrees, where SEER testing is done at 82 degrees.)
The 18 EER is equivalent to over 22 SEER.

Projected Utility Cost Savings in Humid Climate – With Freus 18 EER Water-Cooled Condensing Unit

Freus 18 EER VS. Freus Annual Savings Freus 20 Year Savings
10 SEER $831.00 $16,620.00
12 SEER $554.00 $11,080.00
14 SEER $312.00 $6,240.00

*Utility costs and savings are based upon a 3-ton unit, operating 2800 annual hours at $0.09 per kWh using actual historical weather data from Orlando, Florida and performance ratings issued by the American Refrigeration Institute, the National standards organization for air conditioning. Detailed calculations are available upon request. The chart above assumes no annual increase in utility costs. Note: for heat pump users switching to straight cool, reduce savings by $75 per year. Typical water costs for Freus are between $20 and $25 per year.

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10 year warranty


Our air-conditioning and condensing units come with a 10-year manufacturers warranty. This way you won't have to worry if a problem arises.

12 month installation warranty


Only factory trained and certified contractors will be allowed to install or maintain Freus products. This ensures that our customers receive exceptional workmanship and service.

Satisfaction gaurantee


If you are not completely satisfied with our product give us a call. Our company enjoys bringing fantastic products to our customers, and we will not be satisfied until you are.