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Pros & Cons of Evaporative Swamp Cooler & Refrigerated Air

evaporative swamp cooler
    PROS of a Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler

  1. lower installation cost
  2. lower operating cost 110 volt power
  3. easy maintenance can do it yourself
  4. adds moisture into the home
  5. rapid whole air replacement
    (fresh air in - stale air pushed out)
    CONS of a Evaporative (Swamp) Cooler

  1. high indoor moisture content can swell doors, etc.
  2. perform poorly in cool or humid climates
  3. need more frequent maintenace - pads
  4. most coolers are controlled by on and off switch
    high speed or low speed
  5. housing can begin to corrode and leak on your roof
  6. *Leading to expensive roof repairs

An evaporative cooler can be a great benefit when you live in dry heat conditions throughout most of the year but at times can be a pain during months that are humid. The system cools by pulling in fresh outside air that passes through the moist pads, then the unit uses the hot dry air to evaporate the water which cools the fresh outside air before it is circulated into the home by a large blower. They also need air flow throughout th home in order to direct the air to different areas. These units are at times referred to as swamp coolers; because of the fact that they add moisture to the air which is then blown around.

However, these units are known perform poorly during hot muggy days throughout the year. As the weather becomes hot and humid the evaporative (swamp) cooler will blow hot soggy air into the home. As the humidity increases the units ability to cool the fresh outside air effectively decreases. These conditions of high humidity for several days can also have a lousy affect on the moist pads; the wet pads used to cool the air can produce a musty stench that can be circulated into the home.

how refrigerant air works
    PROS of a Conventional Refrigerated A/C

  1. removes humidity from the home
  2. not affected dramatically by humid days
  3. more dependable
  4. comfort level high
  5. set desired temp, unit will cycle
    on and off to maintain desired temp
    CONS of a Conventional Refrigerated A/C

  1. can be have a high install cost
  2. Requires 240 volt power usage,
    can be 3-4 times more expensive
    depending upon the efficiency of unit.
  3. recommended to be professionally serviced
  4. conventional recirculates indoor air
  5. consume more power during high temp. days
  6. *Leading to high eletric bills in th summer

Air conditioners use refrigeration to chill indoor air, taking advantage of a remarkable physical law: When a liquid converts to a gas (in a process called phase conversion), it absorbs heat. Air conditioners exploit this feature of phase conversion by forcing special chemical compounds to evaporate and condense over and over again in a closed system of coils. The compounds involved are refrigerants that have properties enabling them to change at relatively low temperatures. Air conditioners also contain fans that move warm interior air over these cold, refrigerant-filled coils.

Freus Air Conditioners - is the best of both worlds

freus ac unit

By using water to cool the refrigerant, then using a built-in cooling tower to cool the water, the Freus is efficient, quiet and Eco-freindly. The Freus also maintains its cooling capacity on the hottest, most humid days of the year much better than conventional air-cooled condensers.

You will enjoy the output of our high-quality products. The units are also industry-known as a water saving device due to the water it saves at the power plants. Moreover, by utilizing a cooled condensing coil, our units achieve a cooling efficiency, which is unmatched in the industry.

Other Freus Benefits:
  1. Quieter Operation
  2. Fiberglass Cabinet
  3. No Electronic Circuitry
  4. Excellent Dehumidification
  5. Longer Life Span and Lower Maintenance because of:
    1. Lower Pressures
    2. Lower Operating Temperatures
    3. Condensing Coils Protected from Salt Air by Water
10 year warranty


Our air-conditioning and condensing units come with a 10-year manufacturers warranty. This way you won't have to worry if a problem arises.

12 month installation warranty


Only factory trained and certified contractors will be allowed to install or maintain Freus products. This ensures that our customers receive exceptional workmanship and service.

Satisfaction gaurantee


If you are not completely satisfied with our product give us a call. Our company enjoys bringing fantastic products to our customers, and we will not be satisfied until you are.