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FREUS Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the Freus system work?
The Freus uses water instead of air to cool the refrigerant to a condensing temperature of around 90 degrees. An equal volume of water absorbs 3,500 times more heat than air. The water is then run through a PVC cooling tower inside the unit where moving air returns the water to the ideal condensing temperature. This low condensing temperature allows a smaller compressor to provide more cooling at half the pressures of air-cooled units. Looking at any manufacturer’s compressor chart, you will quickly see that all condensers are more efficient at lower condensing temperatures.

Why should a homeowner install a Freus?
The Freus is the most energy efficient unitary air conditioner on the market, reducing air conditioning costs by 40 to 60 percent versus standard equipment, saving hundreds of dollars a year. The Freus is also designed for low maintenance, with a fiberglass cabinet, triple thickness coils protected from salt air, and high pressures in the compressor only half the level of an air-cooled unit. Unlike other high efficiency condensing units, Freus has no expensive electronics on board to corrode, short or get surged by lighting. All these features mean longer life with lower maintenance. In addition, the steady efficiency performance of the Freus at high and low outdoor temperatures creates more even cycle times, providing for better household dehumidification in humid climates.

How easy is to install a Freus?
The Freus is installed in much the same manner as an air-cooled condenser, on a ground pad or as a roof-mounted unit. The compressor comes pre-charged with enough 410A for a 15-foot run. The only difference in installation is the requirement to connect the ¼” water make up line to a water supply (connecting hose and splitter for hose bib provided for retrofit).

How much would it cost me to install a Freus in my home?
The average Freus will cost about the same as a conventional 14 SEER unit. Due to the steady capacity, the condenser can be sized flat, not sized larger for hot climates like air-cooled units often are. This savings in tonnage can offset some of the cost difference between the Freus and air-cooled condensers. The Freus has the unique ability to service multiple air handlers from one condensing unit. The cooling tower section provides up to 10 Tons of cooling, so two or three compressors up to 10 total Tons can be housed in one cabinet. Now homes or offices requiring several units can share a single condensing unit, reducing equipment costs, and requiring maintenance of fewer units. The Freus will typically qualify for the highest utility rebates, as well, further reducing initial costs.

Does the Freus Qualify as a Water Conservation Device?
My City Code says I can only use an Evaporative Cooler that is a "Water Conservation Device".
Yes. The Freus is technically not an “Evaporative Cooler”; it is a water-cooled condensing device. Many restrictive codes, (i.e. Fresno CA Section 14-201) limit the water consumption to a maximum of 9 gallons per full load hour per ton of capacity. The Freus uses a maximum of 1 gallon per full load hour per ton of capacity. This water use amount will drop by half, or more, if the condensate water is directed back into the unit, a procedure that is highly recommended (this makes the Freus even more efficient as the condensate water cools the Freus sump). One should also consider that the amount of water used to generate power at the power plant is reduced by much more than the Freus could ever use in performing its work. Therefore, the Freus qualifies as a “Water Conservation Device”.

Since the Freus uses water to cool the condensor, how much more would I be spending on my water bill?
Generally speaking, Freus water cost is approximately $30 per year per 1000 annual run hours

Where does the water run off go?
To keep the system clean of mineral deposits, the Freus periodically bleeds off water, which is replaced via a simple float activated valve. This can be run into the garden near the home, into a French drain, or suitable drain as may be required by local codes.

How does the Freus perform in Hot and Humid environment?
Freus is up to 25 percent more efficient than the 18 SEER air-cooled units at those higher temperatures and humidity. This is due to the fact that the water temperature in the Freus stays relatively constant throughout the year, and low condensing temperature is the key to low energy use. The widespread use of commercial cooling towers in Florida demonstrates their practicality.
EER refers to the BTU’s of cooling per unit of electricity a system provides, tested at 95 degrees outside air temperature with a 75 degree wet bulb temperature (higher wet bulb is more humid). SEER is the same test, performed at 82 degrees with a 65 degree wet bulb (less humid). Compare the 15-16 EER of the Freus to the 12-13 EER for air-cooled 18 SEER equipment.

What about freezing temperatures, will I have to do anything to protect the unit?
A flush and fill kit with freeze protection is available, as an option. This kit automatically drains the water at low temperatures, and prevents water from coming into the unit. The customer can winterize by shutting off the water supply and draining the unit, which takes about 5 minutes and no tools.

Do mineral deposits accumulate on the condenser copper tubing? Does any corrosion form?
Yes, minerals are left behind as water evaporates and they do get on the condenser coil, however, they do not accumulate to great enough thickness to measurably reduce the performance of the Freus. The Freus has been designed to minimize these deposits and avoid corrosion problems with the following features:
  1. Freus units purge the sump water periodically to prevent heavy concentrations of minerals from accumulating.
  2. The copper condenser coil has a .032 wall thickness which is far thicker than the common .012 copper wall thickness used on air cooled condensers, reducing the chance of corrosion damaging the piping
  3. The Freus copper condenser coil is continually washed with fresh water during operation, reducing contact with air, greatly slowing the corrosion process. The entire coil is also coated with an electrostatically applied commercial coil coating to give added corrosion resistance
  4. The intertwined helical copper condenser coil naturally expands and contracts with temperature changes at a different rate than mineral deposits do. As a natural consequence, as minerals eventually build up on the coil (to a slight thickness) this expansion and contraction process tends to break lose the minerals and shed them off
  5. The Freus is shipped with a sacrificial anode to prevent water scaling and corrosion, similar to most water heaters on the market.
  6. Freus recommends bi-annual servicing to clean the Freus unit. This includes spraying out the sump/coil with a water hose to clean out mineral deposits.

Since the Freus is water-cooled, how are Algae, Bacteria, and Legionnaires' disease concerns addressed?
The primary point of prevention of water-borne disease is the municipal water treatment plant. Most public water supplies are treated with chlorine to control microbiological contaminants and checked regularly by public health officials. After decades of research there has never been a single case of water borne disease linked to an evaporative cooler or residential water-cooled evaporative condenser like a Freus unit.
Freus engineers have taken care to design the Freus to inhibit the amplification of microorganisms. Some of the main design features for these purposes are:
  1. The Freus unit is a split system air conditioning condenser, connected to an indoor section where the water is completely separate from the indoor components, keeping the water and humidity outdoors
  2. The sump temperature is kept lower than commercial evaporative condensers to make bacterial growth more dormant.
  3. The Freus sump is shaded to prevent growth of algae.
  4. The evaporative media is designed to drain water down into the sump, dry out, and thereby kill aqueous bacteria in the media.
  5. The sump water is exchanged periodically by a bleed off system. This purges the sump, brings in municipally treated water, and prevents microbiological concentration.
  6. Freus recommends the unit be cleaned during bi-annual servicing.

What compressor does a Freus Unit come installed with?
Freus units have a Copeland Scroll Compressor. These are installed because they are quiet, efficient, and reliable. Copeland Scroll Compressors are widely regarded as the premier compressor on the market today

Why is the exhaust from the Freus so much cooler than the exhaust from my old air conditioner condenser?
First, one must understand that the exhaust air from the Freus is only being drawn across water, not across a hot condenser coil. When the air moves across the water, heat is drawn out of the air via evaporation and moisture is added to the air, which will actually lower the air temperature as it crosses the evaporative media. For this reason, the air temperature coming out of a Freus is up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside air, as compared to exhaust air from air-cooled units which can be 30 degrees warmer than the outside air. These cooler temperatures will increase the compressor life, the fan motor, and the overall life of the Freus.

What is the background of the manufacturer of the Freus?
Management of the manufacturer has been involved in the development, sales and servicing of water-cooled air conditioners for over 25 years. The Freus is the manufacturer’s latest model, integrating many advancements developed during years of experience with water-cooled, selfcontained condensing units.

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